Michael Palin Centre Training Programme

mpcThe builders and decorators have barely left the site, but nothing gets in the way of the Michael Palin Centre training programme in the fabulous new Lena Rustin Wing.

Demand for training has been higher than ever over the past year – we trained 400 therapists in Palin PCI alone! In the last few weeks we have run a Palin PCI course for 42 therapists and a Primary School Children who Stammer course for 24 therapists.

They came to us from across the UK and Europe, seeking knowledge, skills and confidence in working with children who stammer. They did not go home disappointed. Ratings on the usefulness of the courses were universally high. Here are some of their comments:

“It’s a pity this training could not be given to undergraduates during lectures. Learned more today and yesterday than 4 years in university.”

“Before the course I felt I didn’t have a clue what I would do with a child who stammers. Now I feel much more confident.”

“Learned much more than I expected I would and all really practical which I can translate to my own clinical setting.”

“This was the best presented training course I’ve attended. It was highly informative and clear and very engaging.”

“The most useful course that I’ve attended to date!”

We have a full programme of courses planned and extra capacity on them in our new building. The subsidy from Action for Stammering Children means they only cost £50 per day – take a look at www.stammeringcentre.org/training-courses