by Balshen Izzet, Chief Executive of Action for Stammering Children

I hope you have made some really good plans for this Bank Holiday Monday and Half Term. It’s the perfect time to get the kids involved with some fun activities. Here at Action for Stammering Children (ASC), we will be doing just that by tweeting some little-known facts about stammering everyday over the Half Term.

So, look out for #stammerfacts. We are really keen to raise more public awareness about what it is like for a child to grow up stammering. We’ll do our best to dispel some popular myths and help improve understanding with some facts about stammering that people may not have realised were true.

So get involved and help us spread the word by following us on Twitter @StammerCentre and give us a retweet if you learn anything new about stammering that you didn’t know before!

This is all in aid of ASC’s latest appeal Unlock a Child’s Voice. For those of you who don’t know, #UnlockaChildsVoice aims to raise £1.5m over three years to help 10,000 children who stammer. We’ll do this through funding more support and training for specialist speech and language therapy to achieve ASC’s goal of reaching every child in the UK who stammers.

We recently had some help from Dr Paul Dolan, who has a stammer and is Professor of behavioural Science at the London School of Economics. He is the author of the best-selling book Happiness By Design and recently hosted an event to help raise money for ASC.

He did a fantastic job of explaining what it is like to stammer and took questions from Elaine Kelman, Head of Speciality at the Michael Palin Centre. Paul is living proof that stammering need not be a barrier to a happy and fulfilling life and we are extremely grateful to him for such a thought-provoking and lively evening.

Have a fantastic Half Term all!